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[Ver.3] Pvot Jogger Pants 2nd (Beige) - Remake ver.

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-Skinny Fit
- Ultra Stretch Fabric
- Heavy Weight Fabric
- Crotch 3D
- Side Hard Zip

*If you would like a looser fit, we recommend sizing up one size.

▼ Wearing size example
Model: S,M size (171cm / 71kg) - Wearing images 2,7,8
*S size when reducing weight
Model: L size (180cm / 83kg) - Wearing images 1, 4, and 5 onwards

▼ Size (laying flat) Unit: cm

■ Waist flat (cm)
S 30 M 32 L 34 XL 36
■ Length (cm)
S 93.5 M 95.5 L 97.5 XL 99.5
■ Thigh width (cm)
S 31 M 32 L 33 XL 34
■ Hem width (cm)
S 10 M 11 L 12 XL 13

*This product is made in partnership with a Japanese sewing factory that has overseas factories.
We have significantly improved the quality of the product's sewing and various parts.
ㅤAt the time of sale (before the current “Remake” sale)
The leg zip and associated sewing have all been improved.
ㅤIn addition,
We have also updated the sewing details around the hip joint, which is involved in movement.
We have significantly improved quality.

- This product is a high-grade model of "Pvot Jogger Pants 2nd".
- Made of thick, premium material that doesn't make you feel sweaty and is extremely stretchy, so it fits comfortably on your trained body.
- By using a 3D structure in the crotch area, we increase workout efficiency while preventing the crotch slippage that is typical of trainees.
- The off-white color on the outside provides an accent color for workout wear, which tends to have a single color.
- Can be worn while working out or as everyday streetwear.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

*The design of the waist strap is subject to change.
* Please contact us via message for detailed sizes. * Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges. * Even if the item is the same, there may be slight differences (several centimeters) because it is made by hand. Please note.

[Ver.3] Pvot Jogger Pants 2nd (Beige) - Remake ver.
[Ver.3] Pvot Jogger Pants 2nd (Beige) - Remake ver. Sale price¥12,800