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Pvot Supplement Funnel (Word Logo)

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Protein, EAA, multivitamins, etc.
A funnel-shaped portable container that is convenient for carrying all kinds of supplements.

Even if you don't have a shaker, if you have a plastic bottle,
You can create supplement drinks before, during, and after your workout.
Both powder and tablet supplements are portable .

Adjust the size of the funnel mouth,
Compatible with almost all plastic bottles on the domestic market .

By using the included carabiner,
It can be attached to a backpack, etc.

* You can carry up to 200ml of supplements .
(150ml powder space and 50ml tablet space)

Material: Polypropylene Heat resistance: 60℃

Precautions when handling:
Please wash the container before use.

Pvot Supplement Funnel (Word Logo)
Pvot Supplement Funnel (Word Logo) Sale price¥1,280