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Pvot "OG" Zip Hoodie (Gray)

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Pvot "OG" Zip Hoodie

The origin and the apex.

Made of the finest thick fabric that is soft to the touch and heavy.
Super comfortable to wear and a generous size.

Please experience it for yourself.



- Loose Fit
- Premium Soft Cotton Poly Fabric
-Silicon Back Logo

■ Length (cm)
S 70 M 72 L 74 XL 76 XXL 78 XXXL 80
■ Chest measurement (cm)
S 110 M 115 L 120 XL 125 XXL 130 XXXL 135

■ Wearing size
Model: XL size (174cm / 63kg)
Model: L size (171cm / 71kg) - Wearing images 1, 3, and 7
Model: XL size (180cm / 83kg)
Model: XXL size (180cm / 83kg) - 2nd image wearing oversize
Model : XXL size (180cm / 78kg)

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------

* Even if the item is the same, there may be slight differences (several centimeters) because it is made by hand. Please note.

Pvot "OG" Zip Hoodie (Gray)
Pvot "OG" Zip Hoodie (Gray) Sale price¥12,800