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Pvot Athleisure Tank 2nd (Gray)

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- Gray


- Heavy Ounce Fabric
- Extra Soft Texture
- Extra Stretch
- Muscle Fit
(The fabric is thick and soft to the touch, yet has some stretch, so it fits comfortably against your body.)

▼ Size (laying flat) Unit: cm

■ Length
S 72 M 74 L 76 XL 78 XXL 80
■ Shoulder width
S 31.5 M 32.5 L 44.5 XL 34.5 XXL 35.6
■ Width
S 42 M 44 L 46 XL 48 XXL 50

*If you would like to wear it snugly, we recommend sizing down one size.

▼ Wearing size example
Model: S size (165cm/60kg)
Model: M size (174cm/65kg)
Model: L size (171cm/70kg) - Other color product images
Model: L size (178cm/85kg) - Product images
Model: XL size (180cm/83kg)
Model: XXL size (180cm/95kg) - Other color product images

- The design is designed to highlight the outline of your body, making your well-trained body even more sophisticated.

- By making the front brand logo a rubber print of the same color,
We have established a design that is street-like and luxurious casual wear.

- Made of high-quality stretch/cotton material with a heavy ounce finish, you can wear it comfortably not only when working out at the gym, but also as casual wear for around town.

Pvot Athleisure Tank 2nd (Gray)
Pvot Athleisure Tank 2nd (Gray) Sale price¥5,480